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Have You Developed a Skin Condition Due to Your Place of Employment?

Your skin is more than just a covering; it’s your shield against the world. But what happens when your workplace becomes a hazardous battleground, and your skin starts to bear the damage from your daily duties?

At Adams Law Group in St. Peters, MO, we understand that your job shouldn’t come at the cost of your health. Occupational skin conditions can affect anyone, from factory workers exposed to harsh chemicals to healthcare professionals handling disinfectants. When your skin’s well-being is compromised because of your occupation, you have rights, and our skin disease compensation attorneys are here to ensure they’re protected.

Discover how our dedicated worker comp legal team can help you navigate the complexities of worker’s compensation and get you the support you need.

What Is an Occupational Skin Condition?

It is a category of dermal ailments or disorders that result from exposure to harmful substances, environments, or conditions in the workplace. These conditions can range from mild skin irritations to severe, chronic disorders, affecting your quality of life and ability to work.

Common examples include contact dermatitis, chemical burns, and skin cancers caused by exposure to carcinogens. Regardless, it is essential to be aware of your worker comp rights in order to compare the qualifying criteria and claim damages for your affected quality of life.

Contact our St. Peters skin disease compensation attorneys for further details and guidance on your case specifics.

What Are Some Common Causes of Occupational Skin Conditions?

1. Chemical Exposure: 

Contact with irritants, allergens, or corrosive chemicals.

2. Physical Agents: 

Repeated friction, pressure, or extreme temperatures.

3. Biological Agents: 

Exposure to bacteria, viruses, fungi, or other microorganisms.

4. Allergens: 

Allergic reactions to specific substances in the workplace.

5. Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation: 

Excessive UV exposure from sunlight or UV lamps.

6. Wet Work: 

Prolonged exposure to moisture or wet conditions.

7. Vibrations: 

Prolonged exposure to vibrating tools or equipment.

8. Dust and Particles: 

Exposure to dust and particles that can irritate the skin.

8. Exposure to Harmful Substances: 

Contact with hazardous substances, including carcinogens and toxins.

Suppose you develop a skin condition due to your job. In that case, it’s important to seek prompt medical attention and, if necessary, file an occupational dermatitis claim to receive appropriate treatment and support.

What Do Missouri Worker Comp Laws Say About Skin Conditions?

In Missouri, worker’s compensation covers occupational skin conditions when they meet the following criteria:

1. Definition:

Occupational diseases, including skin conditions, are covered if they arise out of and during employment.

2. Compensability:

To qualify for benefits, the skin condition must be directly related to job-related duties.

3. Reporting:

Workers must promptly report the condition to their employer.

4. Medical Evidence:

Medical records and expert opinions are crucial in establishing the connection between the skin condition and the workplace.

5. Statute of Limitations:

Workers generally have two years from the date of injury or awareness to file a claim.

Consulting with a skin disease compensation attorney in St. Peters is advisable to navigate the legal requirements effectively and gather the necessary evidence for a claim. Please consult the latest statutes or seek legal advice for current information.

What Can Happen to Your Skin Condition If Not Treated?

If not treated, an occupational skin condition can worsen, leading to:

Chronic Discomfort: 

Persistent itching, pain, or discomfort.


Increased risk of infections or more severe skin issues.

Reduced Quality of Life: 

Impact on daily activities and job performance.

Potential Scarring: 

Development of permanent scars or disfigurement.

Long-Term Health Effects: 

Some conditions may lead to systemic health problems if left untreated.

Act now! if you’re dealing with an occupational skin condition, consult a skin disease compensation attorney to protect your rights and seek the compensation you deserve.

How Do You File a Skin Condition Compensation Claim?

In St. Peters, Missouri, the primary and standard way to file a compensation claim for an occupational skin condition is through the worker’s compensation system. It is the most common and appropriate option for such cases.

To file an occupational dermatitis claim in Missouri, you’ll need these essential documents:

  • A report detailing how and when the skin condition occurred, filed with your employer within 30 days.
  • Documentation from healthcare professionals, including diagnosis, treatment plans, and expert opinions linking the condition to your job.
  • Work history, job descriptions, and relevant workplace safety records to establish the connection between your condition and work.
  • Completed worker’s compensation claim forms provided by your employer or insurer.
  • Statements from co-workers or others who can attest to the conditions or events leading to your skin condition.
  • Photos of the affected skin or the workplace environment, if applicable.

Gathering and maintaining these documents is crucial to support your claim and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Consulting with a skin disease compensation attorney in St. Peters can also provide valuable guidance.

Could Your Occupational Dermatitis Claim Be Rejected?

Your occupational dermatitis claim might be rejected for several reasons. Here are some common factors that could lead to a rejection:

1. Failure to Report Promptly: 

Not reporting the injury within 30 days may lead to rejection.

2. Lack of Medical Evidence: 

Inadequate medical proof connecting the condition to work.

3. Pre-existing Conditions: 

It can be denied if the condition is predominantly due to a pre-existing condition or non-work-related factors.

4. Missed Deadlines: 

Failing to meet deadlines for filing or documentation can result in denial.

5. Disputes or Lack of Proof: 

Disputes or insufficient evidence of the condition’s work-relatedness can lead to denial.

6. Non-Compliance with Treatment: 

Not following prescribed treatment or rehabilitation plans may result in rejection.

7. Employer Disputes: 

If your employer disputes the claim, it can complicate the process and lead to denial.

8. Fraudulent Claims: 

Making false statements or fraudulent claims can lead to immediate rejection and legal consequences.

Seeking legal guidance from a St. Peters skin disease compensation attorney can help you navigate these potential pitfalls and improve the chances of a successful claim.

Why Do You Need a Skin Disease Compensation Attorney Near You?

A good attorney is knowledgeable of the law and committed to advocating for injured workers. Here is why you should seek out an experienced attorney with a good reputation:

  • They will have a proven track record of successfully handling worker’s compensation cases, including those related to occupational skin conditions.
  • They understand the physical and emotional toll these conditions can take and provide compassionate support throughout the process.
  • Your case is unique, and a reliable attorney will tailor their approach to your specific needs and circumstances.
  • They will strive for the best possible outcome, ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve to regain your health and financial stability.

Your Skin’s Health and Your Well-Being Are Worth Protecting!

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When it comes to occupational skin conditions and worker’s compensation claims in St. Peters, Missouri, it is vital to be informed, proactive, and diligent. Your well-being and financial stability may depend on the successful resolution of your claim.

If you’ve developed an occupational skin condition due to your job, don’t hesitate to reach out to Adams Law Group. We’re here to protect your rights and guide you toward a brighter future.

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